13th Hole

We are currently building a new bunker to the right of the 13th green. This bunker sits well into its surroundings and we have tried to make it look as natural as we could. It is intended to catch stray balls right of the green, this well help those that tend to bounce right and out of play. The old bunker has been removed but we have left its surrounding mounds in as a feature to the design of the original hole. It is very important to keep to the original design, I feel we will achieve this by the end of the project. 

1st Hole

This winter has probably been the most productive in terms of visual projects we have carried out. The 1st hole has seen the most changes any one hole at North Manchester has seen in one winter. This is something to be proud of. So, what has changed? Firstly, we have rebuilt the competition tee. Once a small uneven surface with high wear rates, that was being suffocated by its surroundings has now been developed into a fantastic open tee box any golf course in the world would be proud of having. In addition, 3 feature walls have been constructed with 'North Manchester Golf Club' engraved into the stone. Thanks to the sponsorship from Lewis builders merchants, the Development Fund and of course our own Andy Bradburn, the 1st tee is now of a world class standard.

To add further improvement to the hole, we have reconstructed two of three bunkers. The bunker to the right was subject to many discussions. This bunker was very problematic to the point it was an unfair hazard as it sat above the green. This also made it very difficult when you land a ball just inside it as the ball would shoot over to the other side of the green. The best solution i could think of was to bring the bunker closer to the front of the green and set it into the ground. This leaves a larger landing zone to the right hand side of the green without being unfairly punished. 

The front left bunker has been totally and rebuilt and reshaped into a modern natural looking hazard which i am very proud and excited about. The original bunker became over sized and unsightly, to the point i became uncomfortable with adding the proposed high quality bunker sand we have sourced from Scotland and used at various courses such as Gleneagles. I cant wait to hear everybody's feed back on  the 1st hole this season.

3rd hole Bunker

What i once called the ugliest bunker on the golf course, I think every member would agree it was a horrible feature that needed addressing a long time ago. As I stated in a greens committee meeting, to rebuild that to something aesthetically pleasing will be a difficult task. Again it was a bunker set higher above the green. We have reduced the size of the original bunker and set it deeper into the ground, so golfers now get to hit out of it rather than chip out of it. We as a team are more than happy with the result and it keeps within the original design of the hole.


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