November 2018

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

After a few years of inactivity around the clubhouse apart from essential maintenance due to the proposed new development of NMGC it was decided that progress needed to made to bring North back up to the level members want and expect. It was also discovered that the function room wasn’t being used as much as it should be so John Hughes set a plan into action along with Derek Hamlett to start work in the men’s locker room giving it a deep clean before painting all the woodwork and walls. As with most jobs, things turned out to be larger than first thought as a lot of the old electrical light fittings needed replacement as this was a cheaper option than just buying new fluorescent tubes which Charles Jones fitted for the club. The only job left to do which is in hand is the fitting of new ceiling tiles throughout the locker room area along with the snooker room anti-room area.

Hopefully, members appreciate all the hard work that has gone into the project and keep the areas clean and don’t place things on top of the lockers.

John and Derek then moved onto an even bigger project in renovating the function room painting all the walls and woodwork cleaning the ceiling tiles and fitting new curtains to give it a lighter and more modern feeling bringing it back to something members and guests should be proud to use.

The pair then started on the snooker room to bring that up to an acceptable level for members and the new snooker team to have, and once again while the work was being done other work was required by replacing some missing lead that had been stolen.

With all the work that’s been done I thought that a well-earned rest would be in order but after talking to John throughout the project, I knew that that wouldn’t be the case and it came as no surprise to me when John asked me and the Board if we would back him to bring the mixed lounge and the front dining room up to the same standards as the rest of the clubhouse so the work started once again with a deep clean, painting all the woodwork and walls and new curtains matching the function room to complete the flow throughout the clubhouse.

The project is now virtually complete with only the back wall of the trolley/buggy store left to paint.

Some members had noticed that we had a loose ridge tile on the function room roof and when the roofer went up to re-bed it, it was discovered that all the lead had been stolen off the hips, so we’ve had to claim off our insurance to cover the costs of scaffolding and repair.

On another positive note members should have noticed the new shoe cleaning brush that the club has provided near the pro shop. I would like to thank Jason Peel our professional and Howard Lawton's company Nexus Collections who have paid for the new compressor for members to use for cleaning their trolleys /buggies /shoes etc

The compressor has also had a collection cage to collect all grass cuttings etc. outside the trolley shed where it’s housed. Kindly donated by President Jim Edwards and the Vice Chairman Steve Shone.

One of the next jobs will be to tackle the men’s trolley store and remove any unused or unclaimed trolleys that are cluttering the store up.

If any members have any ideas that we can do to improve anything in the clubhouse, then please let myself, Ken Fray or Howard Lawton know, and I’ll take it to the board and see if we can implement it.

Lastly, I’d like to thank everybody who has given up any time to help out who I haven’t mentioned it’s very much appreciated.

Andy Bradburn

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