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Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Social Blog.

Introduction to the Social committee Phil Tonge who was working tirelessly on his own for the last couple of years, myself John Hughes and Lee Burns will also now be assisting Phil going forward.

Events already arranged

Ÿ Candlelit Dinner - 24 th November 2018

Ÿ Children's Christmas Party - 9 th December 2018

Ÿ New Years Eve Party - 31 st December 2018

Ÿ Soul Amigos formerly Stax of Soul - 16 th March 2019

We look forward to hosting a variety of events throughout the next year which we can all enjoy while raising funds to improve facilities at the club.

If any member has any suggestions as to any events, they would like to see; please contact me, Phil or Lee, we will try our utmost to accommodate any suggestions.

All events going forward we will notify members monies raised from any event and also where the profits from an event will be going, our first event the Candlelit Dinner will be going fund the new website

Support from members going forward will be greatly appreciated any ideas or suggestions will be warmly received, we all have the same common goal which is to enjoy ourselves at the club we love while improving facilities.

John Hughes

Social Committee

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