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I wasn’t exactly sure I knew what a blog was when asked to do this, so I thought I had better check, so what is a blog:-

Definition of blog. A blog (shortening of “weblog”) is an online journal or informational website displaying information in the reverse chronological order, with latest posts appearing first. It is a platform where a writer or even a group of writers share their views on an individual subject.

That wasn’t a great help, so here we go.

Firstly we will have a look at what happened last year, then plans for next year and finally a few comments on the coming changes in the world of golf.

Most importantly a big thank you to everyone for entering the competitions this year.

Overall the entry level has increased against 2017 by 23%. I am sure the super summer weather had something to do with this figure but also the excellent quality of the course this year must have had some effect, Prizes overall were paid out to the value £10392 not including the open competitions. So all of us who weren’t on the receiving end at least know there are prizes available.

North Manchester Golf Club

We have had as always a few complaints about the pace of play on both Wednesdays and more so on Saturdays, but generally, this has not been too bad. This is a very difficult problem to legislate and manage, and really it has to be the individual players and their playing partners who ensure they do their very best to maintain the pace of play. I would also ask that other players in the field have patience we do have a wide range of age and ability within the club. The club does need more members and a successful drive to increase membership may lead to returning to eight minute tee times which could make this a bigger problem if we are not all conscientious.

Next year I have separated the board competitions from the captain’s qualifying rounds this does mean that inevitably we have a few more single medal competitions. I am also planning a few Sunday afternoon competitions these will be included in the diary, but we will have to see what sort of interest is generated to determine how they will be run and if indeed we will continue with them.

I am planning to make a few changes to the knock out competitions for next year around the rules for making contact. I am hoping this may remove any misunderstanding about who contacts who and what availability has to be offered. It would be good to see a few more people entering these competitions, and I feel that a lot of the reluctance to enter is around the difficulty making contact and finding an available time to play. Again we will have to monitor the response.

As most people will know within the next two years some of the biggest changes in golf for many years will take place. January 1st 2019 will see some significant changes to the rules of golf, and in 2020 at some point (probably towards the end) the new world handicapping system will be brought into place.

I will use this blog next month and of course the notice boards to try to make people aware of some of the changes and how to interpret some of the new rules. Again please remember it is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure his or her understanding of the rules.

The last thing is the social committee will be pushing the Festival Week a little harder next year this is a very good opportunity to show off and take pride in our golf course (and make some much-needed money) so please do what you can to support these competitions. Consider inviting friends and colleagues from other clubs. I am confident they will be pleased with the quality of the course, and hopefully, we can offer them a warm welcome in the clubhouse.

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