COVID 19 Update

Message from the Board, Captain and President of North Manchester Golf Club:

On Tuesday 24th of March ,following the UK government instructions regarding the COVID-19 outbreak, NMGC, like every other club in the land, had to suspend play on the course until further notice.
This was the final piece of graduated action including closing the bar and locker room, maintaining social distancing on the course and further steps of cleanliness and hygiene. This move was ratified by English Union Golf and not one the club had taken unilaterally.

We have been asked personally and on social media to explain this. Put simply NMGC cannot allow any actions which put individual golfers or the future of our club at risk. If a golfer were to have an accident on the course it would put further strain on already stretched local NHS resources and possibly of those further afield. Therefore as previously stated the course is closed.

That said we are in constant touch with the relevant authorities and are keeping an eye on all news regarding both COVID-19 and the game of golf itself. As soon as restrictions are relaxed we will open for play whilst always obeying any instructions that are in place.

It is clear that our members are rightly concerned about the start of the new season and the payment of green fees. Firstly, under Govt guidelines essential maintenance is being carried out and we will be ready for play once restrictions are lifted. Secondly we appreciate that the facilities that we offer are not currently available, so we are extending this the 12 months covered by the Annual Subscription 2020/21 to 15 months. This means that the 12 month fees due 1st April 2020 will cover you up to 30th June 2021, for those of you who are paying by direct debt you will make 12 payments from April 2020 to and including March 2021 as normal, however there will be no payments to make in April, May or June 2021.

If the golf club remains closed beyond 30th June 2020 we will review the situation and extend the period further.

At this time more than ever, in the history of North Manchester or indeed any other club we need the support of our members, the most important support the members can give to the club is the payment of Annual Subscription fees which are more vital than ever. Not wishing to dwell too greatly on detail, the club will face great losses in revenue both from visiting parties, individual green fees and bar takings. Whilst the Government has given some support to business many of our monthly costs will remain, for example the rates holiday which has been given to all business, only applies to business with a rateable value below £51,000. The rateable value of North Manchester Golf club is closer to £75,000, therefore we do not qualify.

We appreciate that this is going to be a very difficult time for all our member and we hope that those who are able to, stick with North through this so that we can continue to have a club to enjoy in the future. For details of how to pay please leave a private message on this Facebook page or email  and we’ll get back to you ASAP  the club will also send email details out when everything has been finalised.
Life will only get more stressful but having our great course and club to escape to for a few hours will have a huge benefit to us all.

Please give this a wider audience and share to those who may not have Facebook.

Thank you for reading and see you all back at North Manchester Golf Club soon.